Why invest in Strandline?

Strandline is an emerging heavy mineral sands (HMS) developer with a growing portfolio of quality mining assets in Tanzania and Australia. The Company has navigated through the down cycle, acting counter cyclical and strategically to aggressively progress a range of project development growth initiatives aimed at generating long term shareholder value and differentiation in the market. 

Favorable Global Mineral Sands Growth

  • Strong medium-to-longer term demand driven by urbanisation, a large end-market and an extensive array of product applications including uses in everyday life
  • Pricing remains below inducement levels with the TiO2 market in recovery phase and an emerging zircon structural supply gap forecasted
  • Trend of declining HMS ore body grades and project quality across the industry
  • Supply from new capital projects is required to meet future demand, creating an array of opportunities for Strandline

Project Pipeline and Optionality

  • Multi-tiered and staged project development pipeline allowing for capital to be invested with a phased approach, linking tranches to detailed development milestones to limit investment risk profile
  • Targeting projects that are capital efficient, offer certainty of delivery and demonstrate the potential to have lower-quartile production costs
  • Tanzania and Australia ticks the boxes in terms of project development and international investment; politically stable pro-business jurisdictions with reliable mining regulatory frameworks and title law
  • Several well-advanced quality mineral sands projects, including the Fungoni HMS Project in Tanzania and the fully permitted Coburn Zircon Project in Western Australia, the development of which is subject to rigorous investment criteria
  • A promising portfolio of second generation project prospects across the Company’s extensive and highly prospective HMS tenement package in Tanzania including the large scale Tanga Hub Project in the north
  • Partnering with industry leaders to define and delivery innovative fit-for-market project solutions that de-risk development and maximises economics.

Strategic Differentiation

  • Substantial resource and reserve growth possibilities focused on high unit value titanium and zircon ore body assemblages close to establish infrastructure
  • Exploiting our dominant land position, with first mover advantage to commercialise HMS production in Tanzania – strategically located in one of the world’s most significant mineral sands regions
  • Reputable and supportive cornerstone investor in the form of Tembo Capital with a staged investment plan to support business growth.
  • A well balanced Board and driven Management team with expertise in exploration, project development, HMS operations, corporate governance, strategic partnerships and commercial leadership
  • Strategic optionality and nimbleness to position favorably for various market scenarios