Broker Reports

    Updated Foster Stockbroking Equity Report – Another Quality Customer for Coburn - Price Target Upgrade to $0.42  
    Updated Hartleys’ Equity Report – Model Update - Share Price Target increased to $0.42  
    Morgans' Equity Research - Building Momentum to Construction Price Target $0.36  
    Updated Shaw and Partners Equity Report - Increased Share Price Target to $0.52 - NAIF Funding De-risks Coburn  
    Updated Shaw and Partners Equity Report - NAIF Funding De-risks Coburn  
    Foster Stockbroking Equity Report - NAIF Loan Approved for Coburn - Increased Share Price Target $0.39  
    Shaw and Partners Equity Report - Updated Coburn DFS - Momentum is Building – Price Target Increased to $0.42  
    Foster Stockbroking Equity Report - Positive Revisions to DFS - Increased Price Target $0.36  
    Hartleys Updated Research Report  
    Foster Stockbroking Equity Report - High Quality Offtake Agreements Pave Way for Financing - Price Target $0.33  
    Shaw and Partners Equity Report - Coburn Off-take Agreements A Major Step Forward - Price Target $0.32  
    Morgans Research Flash- Binding Offtake Agreements Underpin Coburn Mineral Sands Development - Target Price $0.35  
    Foster Stockbroking Equity Report - Advanced Developer with Low Cost Projects, Price Target $0.32  
    Shaw and Partners Equity Report: Coburn’s time has arrived – Initiation of coverage, Price Target $0.32  
    Morgans' Research Report - Coburn Project Site Visit June 2019  
    Hartleys Research Report - Coburn Site Visit  
    Morgans Research Report - 2019 - A Year of News and Development  
    Patersons Research Note - Coburn upgrade adds to an already impressive story  
    Hartleys Research Report - Coburn DFS  
    Morgans' Initial Equity Research Report - A Growth Plan  
    Hartleys Research Report - Site Visit to Fungoni and Tajiri in Tanzania  
    Patersons Research Report - Tanzanian Site Visit Confirms Upside  
    Hartleys Research Report  
    Patersons Research Report - Painting A Bright Future in Tanzania  
    Argonaut Equity Research Report- Tajiri Gains Critical Mass - 13 December 2017  
    Argonaut Research Report - Positive DFS Forging Ahead  
    Argonaut Research Report - RIO JV validates strategic landholding  
    Argonaut Research Report - Three-pronged appeal - Initiation